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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 10, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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probably see clouds and rain depending on where you are. it's friday, july 10. i'm maria medina. >> i'm brian hackney. we were looking at the nightmare at the golden gate bridge -- one car! [ laughter ] >> but today the big story is going to be the closure of doyle drive and the problems. we'll get to traffic but first, at 4:30, less drizzle this morning. >> depending where you are, right? we had a downpour according to claudia who drove in from san jose. lighted sprinkles according to -- myself! driving in from the east bay. this is our hi-def doppler radar. you see a little light rain over calaveras and fremont. drizzle associated with the deep marine layer. at this hour look how mild it is in the 60s. partly cloudy, 60s at the coastline, 80s inland. the doyle drive closure is
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in effect. we are expecting a busy commute this morning especially for marin county commuters. very quiet now. there is construction at spencer plus we have reports of a new accident in san jose. >> all right. sounds good. and speaking of, right now, doyle drive in san francisco shut down. drivers should get ready for a rough commute. anne makovec is at the larkspur ferry terminal where commuters are opting for public transit this morning. >> is if you are not going to start early like 4:30 consider public transit. they are expecting an increase in ridership today. here's a look at doyle drive before it was closed. this is the main san francisco approach to an from the golden gate bridge. it is now closed crews working to connect the roads and tunnels to the presidio parkway.
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they shut it down at 10:00 last night. it blocked the drive to the doyle drive approach. traffic is being reviewed. when it will be reopened cars will go from the marina to the avenues on new connect years those were closed in 2010 and people have been waiting to for them to be open. come monday morning there will be new access to the presidio and all those connections between 1 and 101. that's going to be your long term gain. this four-day closure though is unprecedented so nobody really knows what to expect. anne makovec, kpix 5. >> thank you. we'll help you get around the traffic mess with traffic alerts. go to >> my hint to you to get across the golden gate bridge easily is to leave at 3 a.m. i think there's no problem. [ laughter ] the obama administration
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now admits that a breach of u.s. government computer systems was more severe than first reported. hackers stole the sensitive personal information of more than 21 million people from the office of personnel management. anybody who applied for a job requiring a security clearance is affected. that stolen information includes social security numbers and health histories. >> they will find a million ways to use this. none good. >> the opm director has resisted calls to resign. bizarre weather in northern california for this time of the year. that's especially the case in the sierra. this is hail coming down in truckee yesterday. the area has also seen rain and thunderstorms this week. now, brian, i think if you leave at 3 a.m. anywhere, i think -- >> no problem. >> you're good to go. there will be problems with the bridge today and some already. here's gianna. >> it's busy in san jose.
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we have reports of an accident. chp headed to the scene. northbound guadalupe parkway at 101 affecting the connector there. no word if any injuries there, slight delays. doyle drive closure in full effect was started last night. roadwork at spencer so one lane in some spots on the golden gate bridge. stick with the bay bridge this morning. richmond/san rafael bridge, buses, ferries, also good options to avoid that closure. the bay bridge now off to a good start no delays no metering lights clear into san francisco. and a quick look at the richmond/san rafael bridge. not a lot of cars on the roads. hopefully, people will have gotten the warnings and it will be "friday light." roberta? >> good morning, everyone. according to our live hi-def doppler radar, precipitation for the most part is out of here. we are picking up a little cluster around the fremont area. it's moving out very rapidly
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towards calaveras area. that's about it. but we still have the marine layer. and that's producing a lot of low-level moisture in the form of some drizzle and it's heavy at times so therefore, you will need your windshield wipers from time to time. temperatures mild into the 60s and later today under a partly to mostly cloudy sky, temperatures will be a little bit warmer than yesterday by a couple of degrees. 60s will line the seashore but i don't anticipate much sunshine there. 70s will be common around the peninsula. 80 in morgan hill. yes, back into the 80s. east of the bay topping off at 80 in brentwood and tracy and oakley and in mountain house. 76 degrees in morgan hill. pretty much that -- that's san ramon. mid-70s around the tri-valley. 75 santa rosa. and with the southwest wind, about 10 to 15 miles per hour, 76 degrees in windsor. we have the weekend forecast. that's still minutes away. thanks. here's a live look at the state capital in south carolina. in a few hours, that confederate flag that's been
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flying there since the 19 0s will be taken down permanently. but as hannah daniels tells us the battle over the symbols of the confederacy are far from over. >> reporter: it's been a fixture for five decades but later this morning it will be a relic in a museum. governor haley signed the bill thursday ordering the confederate flag to come down dead indicate the move to the victims of last month's charleston shooting massacre. >> the action of nine individuals laid out this long chain of events. >> whoo! >> that forever showed the state of south carolina what love and forgiveness looks like. >> reporter: other states in the south are also reconsidering symbols of the confederacy. new orleans mayor mitch landrieu is calling for several confederate monuments to be replaced. >> these ideals have never really belonged in a city as great as new orleans. >> reporter: the debate has even spread to capitol hill where lawmakers on both sides are talking about whether the
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controversial flag should be flown at cemeteries run by the national park service. >> i do not want this to become some political football. it should not. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: many democratic lawmakers are also calling for any confederate flag symbols including the mississippi flag to be removed from the capitol building. >> this is a matter of values, principal, who we are as americans. >> reporter: the impasse settling the stage for more gridlock in washington. hannah daniels, cbs news, washington. a former security guard says he was justified when he used force against a wheelchair-bound student at oakland high school. mitchell testified during a trial yesterday saying the student francisco martinez threatened to kill him during the incident in may of last year. mitchell faces four felony counts. republican presidential candidate donald trump will be in southern california today. he will speak to a group called, friends of abe, which includes conservatives in the entertainment industry. meanwhile, a group of california state senators is calling for the state to stop
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doing business with trump and urging private businesses and residents to do the same. the move stems from trump's comments last month about undocumented immigrants from mexico. >> trump is not welcome in this state with hate, with hate towards people. >> the state senator's proposal has no legal weight. backers say it could still send a message by hitting trump economically. today the prime minister of greece is seeking support from parliament for an austerity package to receive a bailout from european creditors. greek government ministers have already signed off on a plan that includes pension cuts and tax hikes. in exchange, greece would receive billions of dollars in debt relief over three years. european union leaders will hold meetings this weekend. now 22 minutes before 5:00 on this friday morning. it's liquid gold for little leaguers. how one man managed to keep this field in play during the drought. >> and what is cool about your school or your summer camp?
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email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show.
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this would pretty much top your list of things you don't want to see while you're on a plane but it is what happened to passengers taking off from chicago. they saw sparks from the engine happen on a southwest flight from midway airport yesterday. first the sparks, then one of the two engines burst into flames. the plane came to a safe stop as ambulances and fire crews rushed in. all 148 passengers on board were safely evacuated. booked on another flight. and southwest blames the fire on a mechanical issue. a similar incident happened on a united flight to san francisco this week. oakland raiders great ken stabler has died at the age of 69. the quarterback known as the snake led the raiders during the team's heyday in the '70s including a super bowl title in 1977. he was known for his poise in the pocket and his seemingly always played his best when the game was on the line. stabler was a frequent guest at ricky's in san leandro. >> every moment ken was on the
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field was special. he was good. he was together. he had himself together. he was always classy. i can watch the whole thing all over again. >> and yesterday former raiders coach and broadcaster john madden said, quote, if i had one drive to win a game to this day and i had a quarterback to pick, i would pick kenny." an east bay city plans to report every person who drives through their town. betty yu shows us fremont's efforts to take surveillance to a whole new level. >> reporter: the city of fremont will soon have one more shot at bad guys' getaway car, face and license plates. >> it's going to be a game changer and how we can solve crimes quickly. >> reporter: the city is spending $300,000 on license plate readers and cameras at 10 major freeway on-ramps. >> the purpose of the system is to provide investigative information for use during investigations of serious crimes that would happen in the city. >> reporter: burglaries are at the top of the list.
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data shows that 85% of burglars are from outside fremont. >> we got a first look at what the cameras and readers will look like and saw sample images. >> reporter: at the community meeting some pressed police on "big brother" type security concerns. >> we are only going to use that after we have a crime. and so what we're trying to use the video for is a tool to solve these crimes. it's not like we're going to live monitor these. >> reporter: the license plate dad will be stored for a year and video will be kept for 30 days. >> i have enough engineering technical background to know how that data would be used and they assured us that it would be used only if a crime is committed. >> reporter: the new system will add to the strong network of personal cameras many fremont residents already have. the city credits them for reducing crime. right now, there are about 350 private cameras registered with the city. that means that fremont police know where those cameras are located and can reach out to
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owners if there is a crime in their area. now, the license plate readers are expected to start going up this fall. next week the city council will consider approving the contract with the camera vendor. in fremont, betty yu, kpix 5. back to the big story this morning, doyle drive in san francisco is shut down. road crews threw down cones put up roads closed signs at 10 clack last night. now they are working to finish connecting the roadways. they plan to open monday at 5 a.m. and will re-open the presidio parkway. you had to go around that, right? >> no problem when i came in. >> at 3 a.m. > if you know the back way thread your way through fort point and then come down past crissy field it was actually a lovely drive this morning. [ laughter ] >> but probably won't be by the time commuters hit the road. here's gianna. once that morning commute gets in full swing it will be a different story. so we are keeping an eye on our marin county commute this morning because of the doyle
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drive closure. just some information. there is no access to southbound highway 101 but access to highway 1 that will be open. they are diverting traffic on to 19th avenue so you will expect delays or see delays later on highway 1, 19th avenue, california street, geary boulevard as people use those as alternates. golden gate bridge will be a bit busier as well later on this morning. hopefully everyone is paying attention and you will be using alternates. right now the golden gate bridge quiet. use the bay bridge, richmond/san rafael bridge another good choice. buses and ferries also an option this morning. now, the golden gate ferry is adding service friday night tonight extra late night service trips on the larkspur route between lark sper, sausalito and san francisco. and muni a heads up. golden gate bus services for muni will be limited today so do check the schedule if you head out. also, hi, roberta. >> hi! >> checking the roads right now where mass transit, bart is on time. ferries, caltrain and ace. we'll have the weather forecast coming up. right now we are still talking doyle drive! richmond/san rafael bridge a pretty good alternate as well
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and that looks good. bay bridge off to a good start. no delays and you're clear there. and san mateo bridge looking good in both directions. [ laughter ] >> taking a look at the altamont pass, always busy westbound so just a heads up, give yourself some extra time. roberta? [ laughter ] >> i hand the floor to you. >> it's traffic and weather together! all the time. all morning long. 4:46 in the morning. good morning, everyone. this is our live hi-def doppler radar picking up some bona fide rain showers still right off the bodega bay coast. you see a little bit of it upstream and light showers at mount hamilton. we take a closer look here. this is some good downpours at this particular time. we have a combination of a couple of things going. the exiting of the rain all associated with an area of low pressure. and then this right now looks very dark outside. this is the marine layer. it's roughly about 3,000 feet deep. it's producing some condensation in the form of drizzle. so anywhere from light to heavy drizzle out the door and check out the temperatures in the 60s. here's what we need to know for
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this friday. a cloudy start and random shower. plenty of clouds, mostly cloudy with a few sunny breaks and then we have a gradual weekend warmup. that seven-day forecast will be featured. right now the area of low pressure is pushing east. this is the wraparound moisture. if you look up there, there's not a lot going on. so we don't have a lot more precipitation that will be training into the bay area. area of low pressure yesterday even produced some snow down to about 9,000 feet in the high sierra. in the greater lake tahoe area. now it's taking all that precipitation out of the area. but behind it, we will have that marine layer continues to deepen and that's what's going to keep the clouds lingering around the coastline. temperatures 83 in sacramento, 65 in the high sierra if you are getting away for the weekend. lots of clear skies in tahoe this weekend. this is a look at our temperatures. 60s beaches, 60s, 70s bayside. 77 degrees in san jose which is
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a little bit below average. should be 10 degrees warmer than that in throughout the tri- valley. so some very mild temperatures. here's a look at your extended forecast. a warmup on saturday. you will feel the difference. that's where we should be for this time of the year. and it's a pretty stagnant weather pattern each day through thursday. big doings going on. bike for breath is taking place tomorrow. boy, we step off at 7 a.m. in atherton, sun and clouds during the 65-mile ride at 78 degrees. hope you have a great weekend. >> thank you, roberta. actor tom selleck has reached a tentative settlement with a southern california water district which had sued him for stealing water during the drought. selleck was accused of sending trucks to a public hydrant to irrigate his ventura county avocado ranch. the water district wanted the magnum pi and "blue bloods" star to pay for the cost of the water and the private investigator it hired. details of the agreement are not public. despite the continuing drought, little leaguers can
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play baseball on a lush field in san jose. it's thanks to one man who figured out how to keep the field green during the drought. kpix 5's christian hartnett shows us how he is doing it. >> reporter: the classic sights and sounds of summer. baseball on a field of green. >> i think we have one of the best fields around. >> reporter: dan is the one who keeps that grass looking sharp which has been no small task for the past month. >> it's been really busy. you know, with my regular daytime job and, um, spending time with the family and then oh, by the way hey i got to take off for a couple of hours and go to dublin. >> reporter: with his pickup truck and 275-gallon tank he goes to the recycled water fill station. the water is free but for dan and the little league, it's liquid gold. >> we have cut back probably on the infield water and we have probably cut back 50% because we are doing this three times a week. so i'll back up to the gate and
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i will run the hose out over there. >> reporter: the portable sprinkler system was all built by dan. >> open up the water valve over there. fire this up. and that water comes out. it's like a fire hose. >> having a nice soft turf and having green grass is a lot safer and looks better. it feels good to know that we are doing something good and safe for the kids. >> reporter: dan is hoping to use even more recycled water at all the other fields here in the cambrian little league. he says he has spoken with the city about considering implementing a similar waste water program here in san jose. he doesn't have to drive all the way to dublin for his water. in san jose, christian hartnett, kpix 5. a big celebration begins three hours from now in new york. a ticker-tape parade will honor team usa which won the women's world cup soccer tournament. all 23 members will attend in lower manhattan. tens of thousands of spectators are expected. now 10 minutes before 5:00. two teams take a terrifying
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tumble down a bay
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good morning. it is july 10. it is most importantly friday! time check for you 4:53. take a look at the numbers on your tv screen. in the 60s today with the cloud cover, very deep marine layer at the seashore, 70s will be pretty common around the peninsula up to 80 in los gatos swinging around to morgan hill. good morning, tri-valley! your numbers averaging 10 degrees below normal into the mid- and high 70s. 80 degrees in brentwood. meanwhile, 64 in bodega bay where it's currently raining there. mostly cloudy later today. drizzle from the marine layer.
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75 in novato. we'll have a few sunny breaks today and saint helena in the upper 70s. the weekend forecast is still coming up. new reports of an accident northbound 17 at redwood estates. solo spinout blocking the right shoulder. tow truck and chp just arriving on scene. we'll have a bridge check in a few minutes. aviation history made overnight after two all- electric planes flew across the english channel. a french pilot made the first flight in an all-electric plane hours before an aircraft made by airbus completed the journey without oil or water. the electric jets released zero emissions. several companies are trying to develop electric planes for commercial use. well, a plan is taking shape to fix the anchor rod problems on the new bay bridge. they are meant to stabilize the new eastern tower in an earthquake. but more than 100 are sitting in saltwater and could corrode. a special panel examining the possible long-term effects gave
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its recommendations. they include a dehumidification system to dry them, special jacks to help clean them, and a possible grease coating to prevent more corrosion. despite all the problems, all but two rods passed a recent inspection. and caltrans insists the bridge is safe. two teens are safe on solid ground after firefighters rescued them from the side of a cliff in san francisco. investigators say the 15- and 16-year-old siblings made a phone call for help yesterday after tumbling from a lookout in lands end area. the teens were unable to give their exact location so firefighters followed the cell phone signal while the teens strained to listen for sirens. >> all right, listen. they no longer hear the sirens. and they can no longer hold their phone with their hands. they are slipping. can you not turn off your sirens? they need you. you're guiding them.
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>> a rescue boat spotted the siblings about 150 feet up the cliff. firefighters were able to haul them to safety over the top. dozens of officers swarmed a marijuana dispensary in the south bay. it happened at san jose organics yesterday. two men were arrested charged with violating marijuana possession laws. officials say the pot club was violating an array of other laws related to tax fraud, insurance fraud and workmen's comp. >> this case isn't about medical marijuana. what this is about is an illegal business hiding behind medical marijuana laws profiteering off that. >> officials say they have been investigating the dispensary for a while and say that more people could be arrested. some san jose police officers will soon be equipped with body cameras. on july 20 police will start testing the devices out in the field. this comes after city leaders and the police officers association approved the pilot program back in may. mayor sam liccardo says he hopes the cameras will strengthen bonds between
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officers and the community. ♪[ music ]♪ the approach to and from the golden gate bridge in san francisco is now closed. coming up, we'll take a closer look at the project and what you can expect. >> reporter: and remember that cyber attack on the federal government back in june? well, it turns out it was way worse than anybody thought! i'm kiet do. we have a live report straight ahead.
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cal cannibis. >> and i'm brian hackney. frank is off today. thank god it's friday! it's a minute before 5:00. well, the great roadway named for frank doyle of sonoma in san francisco is shut down for the weekend. frank doyle himself actually of santa rosa. when it's over, drivers will be able to use the brand-new presidio parkway but drivers are working around it now. anne makovec joins us from the larkspur ferry terminal.
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good spot, anne. >> reporter: people will eventually flock here to avoid the road closures which will make traffic a mess on the san francisco side of the golden gate bridge. they are expecting an increase in ridership at the larkspur ferry terminal. a live look at doyle drive this morning. it is closed since 10:00 last night. the main san francisco approach to and from the golden gate bridge. crews working to connect the new roads and tunnels of the presidio parkway. the road closed sign went up at 10: 00last night blocking that doyle drive approach to the golden gate. for now traffic being funneled to 19th avenue or highway 1. it is short term pain but when this is reopened, cars can go from the marina to the avenues on brand-new connectors. >> those closed in 2010 and people have been waiting for them to open. monday morning there


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